Picture of a jail cell where police would detain you in Fort Lauderdale, Florida once you have been placed under arrest for drug trafficking, white collar crime, fraud, firearm offenses, murder, assault, battery, robbery, burglary, sex crimes, domestic violence, child abuse, theft, dui, violations of probation. You'll need a Florida Criminal Defense Attorney! Call Jared Brown from Brown Legal PLLC!


After arrest, Brown Legal PLLC can act quickly to secure bond, work with a bondsman and assist in your release from custody. We will continue with the pre-arrest course of action but tailor it to the defense of the pending charges. We have a wealth of experience handling criminal charges of great variety.

Brown Legal PLLC understands how to attack a whole host of the most common and obscure crimes. Click on the links below to see some of the most frequently occurring offenses. Brown Legal PLLC defends people facing State and Federal Felonies and Misdemeanors, including but not limited to:

Talk to an Experienced Florida Criminal Defense Attorney!

Crimes like these require help from an experienced Florida criminal defense attorney! Brown Legal PLLC will work quickly to investigate your arrest, prepare your defense and best position you with the prosecution. Fortunately, Mr. Brown has practiced over 15 years and can assist you in your time of need. Before it’s too late, talk to him to see if he can help you make the best of your situation! Reach out over the phone at (954) 524-6700 or through the Contact Page if you have any questions.

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