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Do Domestic Violence Injunctions Last Forever?

March 22, 2022

Dating and marriage can be tough, especially during an argument. When you live together, it’s not as easy to separate until you become calm enough to move on. Unfortunately, this tension leads to violence sometimes and Domestic Violence Injunctions help … Continue reading

Domestic Violence Battery

March 17, 2022

Between the NFL and pop music, Domestic Violence cases often make the news. Battery, striking someone against his or her will, makes up a ton of those cases. But what’s the difference between Battery and Domestic Violence Battery? In Narvaez … Continue reading

Standing in Domestic Violence Injunctions

March 8, 2022

Criminal defense attorneys deal with Domestic Violence injunctions because injunctions apply criminal laws through trials in a family court setting. In Florida, you can file five types of restraining orders to keep someone away from you. To learn more about … Continue reading

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