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True Split Sentence Violation

March 25, 2022

When a judge sentences you to probation, there’s always a chance you violate. If you violate, you face jail or prison. To scare, sometimes a judge offers a suspended sentence. In a suspended sentence, the judge lets you know the … Continue reading

Zoom Sentencing Isn’t Fundamental Error

March 14, 2022

Because the Constitution guarantees you certain rights, Criminal and Civil courts differ greatly. Most people know the right to a lawyer, to confront your accuser and to remain silent. In civil court, you don’t have a right to a lawyer. … Continue reading

Adult on Minor Sentencing Multiplier

March 4, 2022

State of Florida Criminal Sentencing Basics Florida criminal sentences consider two main factors: the statutory maximum sentence and a scoresheet. The statutory maximum varies by degree of the crime. It’s pretty simple to understand. Florida punishes third degree felonies up … Continue reading

Double Credit Sentencing Error Corrected

March 3, 2022

Probation Sentences Probation sentences seem like a blessing, but they often end up a trap. You can live clean up to the day before it ends, violate and go to prison. Time spent on probation doesn’t count toward a prison … Continue reading

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