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Burden of Proof at Injunction Hearing

March 29, 2022

Most injunction hearings become a he said, she said. Often no one else sees what happens. Still, the petitioner must show a preponderance of the evidence. Although a lower standard, the one on one nature makes the burden of proof … Continue reading

How We Build The Best Defense For Our Clients

April 7, 2016

A good defense often begins prior to arrest. State and Federal law enforcement build cases by interviewing witnesses, subpoenaing records and gathering evidence prior to making contact with their targets. Brown Legal PLLC can work quickly to investigate the facts, … Continue reading

Expediency Matters

When you or someone you know is arrested for a crime, there’s no time to wait. Every moment spent without a lawyer increases both the chances of the police obtaining a confession and the disappearance of evidence assisting in your … Continue reading

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